Open Letter to Nicholas Serota

As part of our on-going campaign to liberate Tate from oil sponsorship we have created this open letter to Nicholas Serota. Whether you are a Tate member or a concerned visitor please put your name to the letter. Your responses will be collated and presented to Tate before Christmas as part of our next installation.

43 thoughts

  1. Tate needs to be concerned with what its sponsors are doing to the very people Tate is trying to
    attract for its cultural venues. Greedy, uncaring BP as a Tate sponsor is a very bad move.

  2. wuts the connection betwixt the failed safety valve in the gulf of mexico oil spill made/supplied by cameron , the film director cameron , & our PM ?

  3. Before ranting at Nicholas Serota, invite him to show that the Tate accomodates artists who attack our oil dependency culture. If he cannot steer that disinterested course, then maybe your letter is merited.

  4. I know how hard it is for the arts to get funding – particularly in the current climate – but BP fo not deserve the opportunity for good publicity they gain for sponsorship for the arts in the face if the damage they fo to our planet.

  5. Social responsability is everyones responsability…taking money from business that continues to trash the envoroment. Please act for a saner world. Thank you. R

  6. I can’t sign a letter with such a glaring grammatical error as “who’s” instead of “whose” – please correct it and I will sign.

  7. BP are breaking protocol of Earth Nature and must be deselected as a sponsor. Art reflects life BP reflect pollution and slow death and are not a suitable sponsor for the creative

  8. Just because I do not appeciate modern art is no reason to want it sponsored by environmentally destructive companies such as BP.

  9. I appreciate the need for the Tate to attract sponsorship in order to continue its fine work, but sponsorship from BP is ‘dirty money’ in the eyes of many concerned with the damage they do to the environment. Can you please dissociate the Tate from BP

  10. please help the art of nature survive us all, so it can inspire each and everyone of us forever…don’t let BP or their like smudge your canvas Tate….thank you N

  11. i truely wish the world had the time and the granteed safty to care about our planet the way we should.

    we are a disease, its just such a shame that some of us would like to co-exists harmlesly with the earth and others, just help create a society that makes it so hard to do that.

  12. i will not be visiting the Tate until it has distanced itself from BP. The Tate has always represented high standards in the past, what’s gone wrong?

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  14. Sponsorship such as this is part of a corporate ‘greenwash’ campaign whereby BP and others attempt to convince the public that they are striving to clean up their act,whereas in fact they do everything they can to obstruct those attempting to introduce genuine strategies to escape oil dependance.
    Ironic,really,that The Tate,founded from a fortune based on slavery should find itself mired in this particular argument,it’s not a new strategy for those with a guilty conscience to try to deflect attention from their real business.

  15. Let people who are destroying parts of nature, think, there children and the ones coming
    after cannot have anything anymore to look at, hear, smell, taste when the peiple responsebel
    do not think about waht they leave as an inheritance for the ones after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Art needs sponsorship and that is difficult to comeby, but the Tate has world standing. If Tate is to support concerns about climate change (as do an increasing number of people) then they need to come clean and declare how much of their good reputation is ‘bought’ by BP to redeem those of BP! There is enough hipocrisy in the world!

  17. Tate please don’t tarnish your reputation and that of the arts, by associating youself with dirty oil tar and other enviromenally damaging enterprises, pursued by BP.

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