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5 thoughts

  1. The letter to Nicholas Serota is well-written as always, but there’s a grammatical error in paragraph 3 which looks bad – “who’s” should be “whose”. Please change it and I’ll sign.

    I would also say that the way people normally refer to the Tate is like that – i.e. “the Tate”.
    “Tate” on its own sounds odd to me.

    I hope this campaign is successful.
    Nigel Smith (Greenpeace member)

  2. I wanted to ask for your help/ advice with growing a campaign to change how local authority pension scheme money is invested. I am a member of Warwickshire County Council Local Government Pension Scheme and it’s invested in some of the nastiest companies around including BP, monsanto, tobacco firms etc. We had a petition on WCC web site but only got 42 signatures. Ideally it would be great if this were taken up as an e-campaign by Greenpeace or another organisation but I’d be grateful for any advice you may have. Many thanks

  3. Please note that on line 8 of the open letter to Nicholas Serota there is a grammatical error – “who’s…” should be “whose…”. Call me pedantic, but…

  4. Hi, in principle I would consider signing.

    “ a company is responsible for more carbon emissions than the UK itself.”
    On the face of it this seems an extraordinary claim; can you supply reference(s) substantiating it?

    Also in paragraph 3 the open letter has “heavily associated to a company” – “heavily associated with a company” sounds more natural.

    I don’t oppose BP sponsoring the arts (as an amateur artist and environmental charity volunteer myself, I rather favour multinationals putting their profits back into cultural pursuits and community projects).
    However I do strongly believe that this should be made transparent, and so I am indeed happy to back freedom of information requests asking that the Tate and other public bodies disclose the sources and amounts of such sponsorships.

    Warm regards,

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